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Hi! I’m CJ, From an early age, I loved exercising and the feeling I got after a great workout. Years later, I get to share this love with my clients. I graduated from University of Maryland, College Park where I earned a degree in Kinesiology. From there I started my career in Personal Training. I have trained kids as young as 8 years old, to my eldest client being 84 of age. It has been & continues to be so rewarding to see the wide range of progress I’ve seen from my clients. From getting off of medications, to improved agility, to weight lose, and weight gain (muscle). My goal is to help my clients overall health & well being. I hope to do this by sparking their love for health & fitness. The confidence you feel when you reach your fitness goals will positively impact your life and in turn, help you become a better all around you. In Pursuit of Good Health- let me help you commit to be fit!

  • Strength Training
  • Recovery
  • Youth Fitness
Dwaynya Goodson

Like other busy working moms , I did not know what to do, or how to start my fitness journey. I started and stopped so many times because I was constantly deterred from my lack of results. But, I kept myself mentally motivated because I knew that I wanted change. Change not only for my body, but for my emotional and mental well-being. I finally found the secret to success with this fitness thing! It is training the mind set as well! I discovered that I had to simultaneously train my mind and body in order to become and remain successful. With the right mainframe, anything is possible! I began to educate myself on fitness and nutrition in 2020 and have been transforming myself and others since then. I have extensive knowledge and experience with weight loss, nutrition coaching, strength and conditioning and building lean muscle. I even went on to win my 1st regional body building competition by using the principles that I have put into place for others. My goal is to help each one of my clients become the best version of themselves. I assist busy working moms lose up to 20 pounds in 60 days, retain their curves, and sustain their results. All while creating self-love through establishing healthy lifestyles.

  • Strength Training
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Weight Loss Solutions
Kory Mundy

I’m Kory. I have a deep passion for fitness and helping people achieve their fitness goals. As a Master Fitness Trainer in the Army, I was charged with ensuring soldiers' fitness levels were to Army standards. Regardless of injury or many other limitations, I am capable of analyzing your body's strengths and weaknesses and creating a fitness plan catered to you that will help you not only reach your goals, but do it safely. My values, core competencies, intense energy and motivating skills are a few of the tools used to get you to your goals in a non-judgmental environment. I will be there with you from day 1, every repetition, every set, and every step of the way. #STAYFIT

  • Master Fitness Trainer
  • No Judgment Coaching
  • Strength Training
Lauren Leonard

My name is Lauren, and I first got interested in fitness from a young age. As it started to become more of a lifestyle for me, it also sparked my passion in personal training. I love to lift weights, and go on walks and hikes. Most importantly though, I love motivating others to achieve their goals. Fitness is not a destination, it’s a way of life. It can be hard in everyday life to find time to make fitness a priority, but when it becomes a daily habit that is when you see real change. As a personal trainer, I am very in-tune with my clients. I help clients become happier, healthier, and stronger in their own bodies. I am NASM certified in personal training and nutrition, and also have years of experience helping others achieve their fitness goals. I would love to help you along your journey!

  • Lifestyle Fitness
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Motivational Coaching