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Introducing Dwaynya Goodson

Just like everyone else, I did not know what to do or how to start my fitness journey. I started and stopped so many times because I was constantly deterred from my lack of results. But, it kept me mentally motivated because I knew that I wanted change. Change not only for my body, but for my emotional and mental well-being.
I began to educate myself on fitness and nutrition in 2020 and have been transforming myself and others since then. I have extensive knowledge and experience with weight loss, nutrition coaching, strength and conditioning and building lean muscle through my certifications.
It’s no secret – fitness training has been proven to prevent disease, strengthen your health and improve your confidence and outlook on life. As a certified fitness trainer, I’m deeply trained in everything from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics. So if you want to live a stronger and more confident life, I’ve got the training and the expertise to help you every step of the way.
I have helped my clients avoid medication, reverse chronic diseases, lose weight, reverse muscle imbalances and gain lean gain lean muscle mass. My goal is to help each one of my clients become the best version of themselves. I help my clients create self love through establishing healthy lifestyles. 

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