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Membership Updates

November 5, 2020

Greetings to all! As we approach the holidays I wanted to reach out and update you on progressions here at the gym. Seems we’re settling into our new normal quite well. The gym is getting a bit busier with members slowly returning to their workouts. One reason I believe people are returning to the gym is not just for the workout routine, but for that social aspect of seeing friends you may not have seen in a while. Gym communities create friendships and bonds with others that have common goals. They create accountability. Being cooped up at home without social interactions affects us mentally and physically. While some people are happy homebodies, many more need that interaction with others. While we realize it or not, those connections are important to our mental health. People exercising in general, with others, helps us be consistent with our workouts. We find less excuses to skip it when we are working out with others. Exercise is so good for us in so many ways. Your immune system, for instance, becomes stronger when you exercise regularly. While I am an advocate for working out in a gym, there are other options to get your exercise.

For those of you that are anxious to return to the gym, let me describe how we are working to prevent the spread of disease in the gym. We implemented a plan before we were able to re-open. Our plan followed closely with recommendations from the state health department. We have a team of dedicated staff, which work on a schedule to clean and sanitize equipment and all areas of the gym. We use cleaning products that are effective again a large host of germs including coronavirus. We’ve implemented using key tags for members to check in with, rather than having to touch a high traffic pad to check in. Purchases are nearly 100% no touch. Our staff is continuously cleaning throughout the day to keep us clean and safe. We are using a fogger and an electrostatic sprayer to sanitize equipment and larger areas. I recently had a visit from the health department, and shared with her the things we are doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. She confirmed we are doing a great job and offered some insight as to how we can safely re-open our showers. Speaking of showers, we have a solid plan to re-open them, in fact, they may be open as you read this message. If shower use at the gym is important to you, please speak with our Customer Service Representatives at the front desk. Feel free to email me directly at waldorffitnesscenter@gmail.com if you have questions. Our goal, as always, is to provide a safe and clean gym for you, our members. When you love your gym, you tell your friends about it! When your friends join, you get a 25.00 egiftcard! Remember to have them mention your name when joining.

If you haven’t been in recently, please come by. Check out the gym. See the change that has evolved. The owners have renovated the locker rooms, we have new step mills, and a beautiful line of Precor ellipticals which just arrived. We have added a Titan Reverse Hyper and a Titan Belt Squat. The gym floor is organized, spacious, and clean. Repairs to equipment are more timely. Our team has done an incredible job of cleaning and sanitizing this gym. I am so proud of them and our gym!

We are working to adjust our class schedules to add classes that members have been requesting. Due to low attendance, some classes may be removed. Please remember to sign up for the classes you want to take. By signing up, you reserve your spot in the class. It also reports attendance for a class. So by signing up, and attending the class, you help insure your class can stay on the schedule. We are closely monitoring capacity for classes as well. We will not allow greater than 10 in the group fitness studio, nor more than 6 in the spinning studio. These numbers have been discussed with and approved by the health department.

Finally, I want to thank you, the member. We appreciate your return to the gym. Your support goes a long way. We appreciate your cooperation in following safety protocols such as facial coverings and cleaning equipment. It’s great to see everyone working together for the common good in our gym. We hope 2021 will hold many blessings for all.

Laura Glass
General Manager
Waldorf Fitness Center