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For many years low level energy has been used to treat sports injuries, arthritic joints, back and neck pain. Now, using low energy applied by the I-TONER is FDA approved for smoothing cellulite and fat reduction.


During a proper workout, the body naturally releases stored content in the fat cells so it can be used as energy. With proper nutrition habits, over time, body fat will start to decrease. Having an I-TONER treatment followed immediately by a proper workout will speed-up loss of body fat.


I-Toner sessions are painless. Low level energy will be applied to the back of the arms, mid-section, thighs or all three for 10-20 minutes. Waldorf Fitness Center practitioners schedule 30 minute time slots. Assessments include progress pictures taken once every 2-4 weeks so clients can see their results. The course of treatment should be a minimum of eight sessions, performed twice a week, for four consecutive weeks.

Maximizing results

A minimum of a proper 20 minute workout must be done immediately after each I-TONER session. Proper weekly workouts, proper nutrition habits and a healthy lifestyle will maximize results. Waldorf Fitness Center has all of the amenities for successful I-TONER results. Our practitioners, certified personal trainers/nutritionist and GymFIT Physical Therapy staff are here to assist with any needs to help maximize results.


– Epilepsy
– Currently pregnant
– If you have a pacemaker
– Previous history of cancer
– Diabetes (insulin dependent)
– If you have any kidney or liver problems
– If you suffer from Keloid scarring
– If you are under the age of 21 years old


All clients will release liability and will be recommend to have the necessary physical performed by a licensed physician before starting the I-TONER and/or any fitness program.



We’re so confident you’ll see results with the I-TONER that we’ll 100% guarantee it!


The I-TONER is the latest in body fat reduction technology. Waldorf Fitness Center LLC is so confident in our I-TONER program that if you properly follow the program and do not reduce your body fat by the end of the ninth session, you will get a full refund of payment for all nine sessions, and the payment of membership dues for that month.

Waldorf Fitness Center LLC only goal is that every client has a pain free experience during each I-TONER session. Also, on the ninth session, a noticeable amount of fat reduction has been seen through pictures. We hope that will motivate each client to continue using the I-TONER to receive more results in the future and encourage spirit of influence, friends and family to also get guaranteed results.

If any client has the unfortunate experience of not having noticeable results and wants to discontinue sessions, past the first nine, we guarantee to refund any sessions already paid in the future, all of the first nine paid completed sessions and the one payment of membership dues that was during the five weeks of the I-TONER sessions if the following conditions were met:

1) Client provides proof that he or she is clear of all contraindications by providing documents from a physical that was performed by a licensed physician between three months prior to one week after the 9thcompleted I-TONER session.
2) The guarantee must be signed and submitted by the end of the second session or it is null and void
3) All nine I-TONER sessions were completed two times week within a five consecutive week period.
4) Client agrees that the General Manager will study video surveillance to be sure that a 30 minute minimum, moderate workout was performed immediately after each of the nine I-TONER sessions.
5) Female client wore the same (appropriate for picture taking) sports bra and fitted, above the knee shorts/ male clients were shirtless and wore the same shorts for the second and eight session pictures.
6) Client must also check the camera after each picture is taken as blurry pictures, taken too far away or pictures that cut off body parts will null and void the guarantee.
7) The client had to become an active member of the private I-TONER Facebook group by the third of the first nine sessions.
8) The client agrees that the general manager is the only person to determine if there should or should not be a refund.
9) After the end of the ninth session the guarantee becomes null and void

Client (received a copy) signature: _________________________________ Date: _________

Practitioner signature: __________________________________ Date: _______________


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