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Welcome to Waldorf Fitness Center. We are located in the heart of Waldorf Maryland. (Right off Crain High Way behind the Long horn steak house.) Some gyms aren’t quite like the others, and they have the facilities to prove it. Come take a tour of Waldorf Fitness Center and see why the center is at the forefront of developments in exercise technology, methodology, and management. Whether you are a current member of another gym or you are in search of one. Waldorf Fitness Center will inspire you to take your life style to another level.

Membership Updates

I’m sure you recall, we were given about 8 days notice from the governor. I think we are all learning as we go with this pandemic, so in hindsight, there are many things we would do better. In 30+ years in the fitness industry, I’ve never experienced this type of quarantine/closing/mandate. So, we do the best we can and we learn as we go. Again, this has definitely been a learning experience for me.

I would also like to address the cleaning and the bathrooms. While the gym was closed, not producing income, we did a complete cleaning from top to bottom, all equipment, all walls, all floors. Fortunately, I was able to keep some of our staff employed during this time. Our locker rooms have been completely renovated, including all new bathroom fixtures, new lights, new lockers, new enclosed changing rooms, completely renovated showers complete with rain shower heads, new tile on the floors and walls and showers. We also have 5 designated cleaning staff scheduled daily from opening to closing during the week and 1 on each day of the weekend. Cleanliness was a major issue when I took the role of General Manager in February and has been my goal since to improve it. We have cleaning staff in the locker rooms and bathrooms 3 times per day to clean all heavy traffic areas and at other times to disinfect counters, handles, showers, etc. Our cleaning staff are continuously cleaning equipment, making sure all supplies are filled and available. Our goal is to always do better. We have also stepped up our cleaning by adding fogging to our daily routine. Fogging is used to sanitize areas quickly and effectively, with minimal down time, using an EPA approved sanitizer. We are also adding an electrostatic sprayer to our cleaning arsenal, just waiting for its arrival. This sprayer allows us to sanitize equipment quickly with very little waste of supplies and it dries quickly so equipment can continue to be utilized in a timely manner. We have changed our cleaning supplies (towels and spray) that members use to clean equipment after use to Gym wipes that quickly disinfect and sanitize surfaces, killing viruses, bacteria, dirt, grime, etc. Dispensers are hard to find currently, but we have increased the stations for gym wipes as well, using covered buckets. We are monitoring member’s temperatures as they enter the gym and masks are to be worn in all common areas, such as the lobby, walkways, locker rooms, or when moving from one area to another. Members are required to sign and abide by an agreement to do their part in cleaning and following all safety rules. We are pleased with the cooperation of our members in helping us all to stay healthy and safe.

Our childcare was renovated including the bathroom and floors, our group fitness room has a new floor, new mats, yoga equipment, bands, etc. We reorganized the weight room on both floors, making it safer and easier to move around. Many members have come to me personally and complimented the changes we have made and the cleanliness of the gym. We appreciate that positive feedback more than you know!! Thank you.

I hope that when you’re ready to return you will see a huge difference in the gym. I wanted to take the time to update each of you since many of you may not know the true state of the gym. It is evolving. It is organized and clean. I am so proud of my staff and the work they are doing. Again, we are always trying to do better. Lastly, some members have reported that they did not receive our June 2020 update, which was send just before we opened on June 20, 2020. You can always reach out to us at 301-645-1088 or via email at waldorffitnesscenter@gmail.com for a copy of the June update. The staff of Waldorf Fitness Center and I wish you continued health and safety. We will see you when you’re ready to return. Remember, we are here for you.

In health,
Laura Glass
General Manager
Waldorf Fitness Center


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